1. Registration

The signed registration for the seminar is to be submitted by the participants.

2. Seminar Confirmation

You will receive your seminar confirmation within 7 days after receipt of the seminar registration, unless the registration is rejected within these 7 days. The invoice will be sent to you separately. You will be informed in writing of the exact location of the seminar in good time before the seminar begins. We reserve the right to cancel the seminar for good cause. In this case we commit ourselves to refund the seminar price already paid. Any further claims of the participant are excluded.

3. Services

The services include the implementation of the seminar according to the seminar descriptions. Personal certification at DIN CERTCO as a DIN-Geprüft Business Coach, literature, aids, accommodation and meals are not included in the price. Personal certification with the ICF International Coach Federation, USA, as ACC, PCC, MCC, as well as room and board are not included in the price.

4. Accommodation

We kindly ask you to make necessary hotel reservations yourself and to pay any costs incurred.

5. Cancellation of the registration

If you cannot attend the seminar, please cancel your registration in writing by the registration deadline at the latest. The registration deadline is 6 weeks before the seminar begins. For the timeliness of the registration the receipt of the mail is decisive. It is also possible to withdraw within the first week after the start of the seminar by written notification to the seminar leader. If the registration is cancelled before the registration deadline, the seminar participant must pay a processing fee of 10% of the seminar price.

In case of cancellation after the registration deadline or withdrawal, the seminar participant must pay 1/3 of the seminar price as well as a processing fee of 10% of the seminar price.

The right to participate can be transferred to a substitute participant at any time, in which case a handling fee in the amount of 10% of the seminar price must also be paid.

6. Payment of the seminar fee

The seminar price can be found in the respective seminar announcement.
The seminar price is due after receipt of the invoice.

In the event that an examination has to be repeated, an examination fee of 249.00 € (VAT-free) will be charged for each repeated examination. The additional examination fee is due upon receipt of the invoice.
Likewise, a rebooking fee of 249 € (VAT-free) will be charged for each case in which a course participant agrees to rebook a part of a seminar, which is also due for payment after receipt of the invoice.

7. Number of participants

The minimum number of participants per training course is 6 persons. Registrations are considered in the order in which they are received by us. If the minimum number of participants is not reached by the registration deadline, the seminar will not take place. The participants will be informed in writing. The seminar price already paid will be refunded.

8. Conditions of participation

Each participant is responsible for his or her own physical and mental fitness for the seminar. Liability for any kind of impairment due to a lack of suitability of a participant or due to non-observance of instructions is, as far as legally permissible, expressly excluded. In case of permanent medical treatment due to physical or psychological illnesses, please present a certificate of the attending physician confirming your ability to participate. Please remember: Our seminar is knowledge transfer and self-awareness in different depths, but no therapy.

9. Copyrights

Seminar-accompanying workbooks or documents are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or processed, even in part, without the consent of SYNK Business School. The European Academy of Business-Coaching reserves all rights. The working documents are exclusively available to the seminar participants.

10. Liability

The respective seminar is prepared and conducted according to the current state of knowledge. We assume no liability for advice given and the use of the knowledge gained.

11. Sect passage

The seminars are based on a sound scientific foundation – not on ideology or cultism. Therefore we also distance ourselves decidedly from organizations such as Scientology and the like and refuse any cooperation with this or similar organizations as well as companies affiliated with them. We declare that our seminars do not work according to a method of L. Ron Hubbard and/or otherwise with a method related to Hubbard.

12. Final clauses

Changes and amendments to the contracts with SYNK Business School must be made in writing. The same applies to the written form itself. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from these contracts shall be Frankfurt. Should a provision be or become invalid or the seminar conditions contain a loophole, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. In place of the ineffective provisions, the parties to the contract shall agree on a provision that most closely approximates the economic purpose of the provision intended by the parties. The same applies in the event of a contractual gap.

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