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Linde AG:



Future managers and high potentials are promoted and qualified to meet the needs of Linde AG. OBJECTIVE: Development of relevant leadership skills on the basis of a strengths-oriented approach (StrengthsFinder) and intensification of identification with the company.


Participation in the Future Manager Programme with the structure: From self-management to the leadership of an individual employee (1:1) to the leadership of a team (1:n), always grounded in a strength-oriented approach. OBJECTIVE: Development and differentiation of necessary leadership skills.


The programme comprises 3 modules of 3 days each. The modules are partly held at different locations. Day 1: Linde Business Day (participants get to know the corporate culture and production site on site). Day 2 and 3: Face-to-face training for about 16 participants with 2 trainers (1 SYNK trainer; 1 Linde trainer).

Customer Testimonial

„[...] the most intense and inspiring training I
participated so far! (in my life).“

„I liked the mix and the composition of the

„Ich würde mir wünschen, dass auch alle
Manager in Führungspositionen einige
Erkenntnisse daraus mitnehmen würden – die
Managementkultur muss sich ändern! Es kann
nicht die künftige Zielsetzung sein, alles so zu
lassen, „wie es immer war”. Danke für dieses
Programm! Und lasst es weiter wachsen.”

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