The SYNK Scholarship

Young Women Leadership Program

Jörg Krauter

With the YOUNG WOMEN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM we deliberately support young women at the beginning of their management careers. With this intensive training, we give the female managers of the future a start with tailwind.

Dr. Jörg Krauter
Ulrike Möhler, Karolina Kremer


The YOUNG WOMEN LEADERSHIP STIPENDIUM makes a concrete contribution to the development of female management potential in Germany.

The scholarship, which was first awarded in 2016, has since acquired an outstanding reputation. Graduates of our program are active in leadership positions worldwide. The YWL network is constantly growing and offers young women in leadership positions a great opportunity for professional exchange across industry and national boundaries.


The Young Women Leaders receive a scholarship worth 5,400.00 euros.

Step by step, they learn methods and ways to efficiently and effectively meet their individual leadership challenges. This includes tools for self-reflection and communication, leadership and development of employees and organizations.


The YOUNG WOMEN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM lasts for six months and includes both attendance units and online courses. The core of the scholarship is two intensive weeks of leadership training with experienced coaches of the SYNK GROUP.

The participants develop their leadership and management skills and at the same time build up a cross-industry network. This also includes the Senior Leadership Coaching, in which each participant has a mentor as a sparring partner.

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Application phase 2020: 15.02.2021 – 30.04.2021

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