Systemic Business Coach (Online)

As a Systemic Business Coach you will develop a holistic view of complex social situations. You learn to actively perceive interactions and interdependencies and to deal with them constructively.

Dr. Jörg Krauter

As a Systemic Business Coach you will learn techniques and approaches to analyse a social system and the people within it and to develop pragmatic solutions. The systemic coaching approach is complex and allows for the consideration of a wide range of interactions. As a Systemic Business Coach, you will become a sought-after contact person for challenging issues in the coaching field.

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Every Day Counts #055: Mastering the Labyrinth - with Fateme Rahmati and Esther-Kristin Lather

The world of business today is notoriously v.u.c.a. - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Agile ways of working put forward a reliable way of working within these surroundings. But being agile is no easy task, let alone becoming agile.
This is where Fateme Rahmati and Esther-Kristin Lather come in. Both experienced agile coaches at the VW daughter diconium, they help teams and organisation finding their way within the agile labyrinth.