Strengths Coach

Only those who discover and develop their strengths and talents can develop their full potential. At work and in private life, in everyday life and on adventures. Those who are also able to develop the strengths and talents of their fellows can set an example of real, sustainable leadership.

David Liebnau

As a strength coach, you learn to recognise, appreciate and effectively develop the individual potential of a person in a professional context. Learn how to use the methods and instruments of strength-oriented psychology to increase the success and fulfilment of your employees and coachees!

SYNK Studie zum Thema: Stärken entwickeln - Effektivität in der Führung steigern finden Sie hier.

Your benefits:

  • Get to know the basics of Positive Psychology and learn how it can effectively accompany employees and coachees in their development.
  • Three days intensive workshop with two individual strength and transfer coaching sessions for the best possible use of your individual talents as strength mentor or strength coach.
  • Learn to understand and manage social dynamics using strength and role models.
  • Acquire various methods and analysis tools of strength-oriented psychology.
  • After successfully completing the qualification, you will receive certification as a SYNK strength coach according to PAS 1029 (DIN). (Prerequisite: Completed training as a European Business Coach. Otherwise you can be certified as a SYNK-Strength Mentor)
  • Join a constantly growing alumni network and take part in a lively exchange of strength-oriented work.

Research background, definition of terms and basic assumptions of strength orientation

They interactively work out the theoretical basics based on strength research as well as newer findings of brain research and their implications for coaching practice.

Success factors and obstacles for the art and practice of strength coaching

In individual reflection, small group work and plenary discussion you will discuss and activate existing coaching experiences and efficiently acquire new expertise for effective strength coaching.

Reflection, visualization and discussion of individual strength profiles

After completing a best-practice self-reflection exercise, you will learn more about the application and impact of individual talent combinations in everyday life in a collegial exchange.

The language of strengths: 34 StrengthsFinder talent themes and four talent categories

Module 4 discusses the possibilities and limitations of various diagnostic tools. Interactively you will develop a deeper understanding of all 34 talent topics of the StrengthsFinder as well as possible coaching approaches for the respective talent topics.

Understanding talent dynamics and using them sensibly

They are intensively engaged in hypothesising the impact of various talent combinations on success strategies, leadership styles, dealing with change and possible coaching needs.

Strength coaching discussion methods and techniques

You will get to know and apply various coaching structure aids and conversation guidelines (S.I.G.N. questions and S.T.A.R.K. method, etc.).

Sieben Methoden zum  Entwickeln von Stärken und zum Abmildern von Schwächen

Anhand von Fallstudien und eigenen Coaching-Anliegen identifizieren und diskutieren Sie praxiserprobte Strategien zum Maximieren von Stärken und Managen von Erfolgshürden.

Seven methods for developing strengths and mitigating weaknesses

Using case studies and your own coaching approaches, you will identify and discuss tried and tested strategies for maximising strengths and managing obstacles to success.

This is how strength orientation works at our partner Union Invest

Next course: 15. – 17.06.2021

Your investment in training: 2.680,00 Euro

Certification as strength coach: 270,00 Euro

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