Pragmatic Consulting

Restart Your Business

Jörg Krauter

Restart Your Business provides your company with a concrete way out of the crisis. We analyse the situation, weigh up alternative courses of action, make good decisions and help you implement them as soon as possible. In short: Restart Your Business restores your company's ability to act.

Dr. Jörg Krauter

Your benefits:

  • Support by experienced crisis consultants
  • Individual solutions for your company
  • Focus on quick implementation
  • Maximal participation of all stakeholders
  • Solutions-oriented action based on the OODA principle (orient, observe, decide, act)
  • Longterm, cooperative support
  • Steps 1-3 may be funded at 100 percent

The program:

Duration: 180 minutes

Goal: Common understanding of situation and problem, mission and expectations

Method: Introduction of all participants, situation analysis, clarification of the mission, schedule

Participants: Owner, managing director, crisis manager

Duration: 120 minutes

Objective: The crisis situation has been assessed and concrete fields of action have been derived

Method: Filling out the corona survey, evaluation and discussion of results with experts, planning of the workshop

Participants: Owner, managing director, crisis manager

Duration: 1 day

Objective: To draw up a concrete implementation plan and introduce initial measures

Method: Stakeholder and SWOT analysis, team strength matrix, formation of a change team, development of an implementation plan

Participants: Owners, managing directors, crisis managers, executives, employees, works council

Duration: 120 minutes per week for 3 months

Goal: Review of own implementation steps, reflection on the initiatives of others, joint coordination

Method: Virtual collegial exchange (with an expert as sparring partner), reflection on own measures, motivation building

Participants: owner, managing director, crisis manager, change team

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Drei agile Erfolgsgeschichten

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