European Business Coach

Jörg Krauter

The European Business Coach training is our key program for sustainable quality in business coaching. In the course of the six-month intensive training you will acquire comprehensive coaching skills and become part of an international, constantly growing network of experienced business coaches.

Dr. Jörg Krauter

As a European Business Coach you are highly qualified to support professionals in a wide range of situations. Our multiply certified training is internationally recognized. More than 1,000 graduates are part of our alumni network.

Your benefits:

  • Get access to the complete coaching process from the scientific basics to group coaching.
  • Six months of training, including three attendance weeks.
  • High practical component: In the course of the training you will achieve 322 hours of coaching practice.
  • Acquire a wide range of coaching methods that have proven themselves in practice.
  • Methodical diversity: from workshops and group exercises to simulations and transfer assurance via our App LEADA.
  • Get in touch with a constantly growing alumni network and stay in permanent contact with their teaching coaches.
  • The training is certified according to the quality standard for individual coaching PAS 1029 of the DIN Institute and the internationally recognized ACSTH certificate of the International Coach Federation.
  • The training was audited by the Forschungsstelle Coaching-Gutachten (FCG, Dr. Harald Geißler)

Laying the foundations in business coaching

You will get to know and apply the central success factors for quality-oriented business coaching. On the basis of practical cases, you will experience how to build up a trusting relationship with the coachee and transfer this experience into your own practice. You will get to know basic terms of business coaching and differentiate it from neighbouring disciplines. On the basis of the Logical Levels according to Robert Dilts you will explore the method of focussing in the coaching discussion. Further main topics of Module 1 are relationship quality (trust, relationship building, report) as a relevant process variable in coaching as well as the quality triangle according to the norm in individual coaching PAS 1029 (structure, process, result quality).

Developing the coaching process

You will learn a structured and systematic approach to planning, implementing and monitoring a coaching process and you will learn to adapt this structure to various coaching situations in your own work environment. You will deal intensively with the structure of a coaching-oriented conversation based on the conversation process (clarification and design of assignments, methods for evaluating goals, processes and results as well as reporting) of PAS 1029. Using the SYNK discussion method, you will practice the coaching process. You will learn how to conduct a coaching conversation in a goal-oriented way. Further, you will learn how to document that process.

Systemic self-management as a business coach

In this module you will learn the systemic basics in business coaching, understand role concepts and explore the system approach in the role of a business coach. Self-image and personal attitude as a business coach are examined and deepened in the self-reflection “My Diversity”. On the basis of PAS 1029 you will learn and discuss the minimum requirements in business coaching. You will learn how to organise your working methods systematically and efficiently as a coach. The participants learn how to use relationship management and networking to achieve their own goals.

Systemic Business Coaching 

This module focuses on the systemic conversation. In the workshop you will learn various forms of communication and questioning techniques for business coaching. Further, you will learn how to apply these to specific coaching situations. Components of this module are the circular interview, the solution-oriented short-term consulting according to Steve de Shazer and the aspect related emotional communication.

Analysis of perspectives, personality and motivation

You will learn the assessment criteria for the selection and use of analysis tools to assess the personality, motivation and resources of your coachees. You will be able to transfer the most important psychological basics for the topics personality, motivation and resource work into your practice of business coaching. Further you will be able to apply analysis methods such as the SYNK Motivator Analysis and integrate them into your own coaching work.

Ressourcenorientiertes Business Coaching

Sie arbeiten mit Interventionstechniken zur Aktivierung der Eigenmotivation, der persönlichen Ressourcenorientierung und der Leistungsbereitschaft des Coachees. Sie können diese Interventionstechniken in Bezug auf spezifische Problemstellungen im Business Coaching bewerten und in Ihre Coachingarbeit übertragen. Sie setzen sich mit der Kompetenzkarte und dem Target Coaching anhand von praktischen Übungen auseinander.

Resource-oriented Business Coaching

In this module, you learn how to work with intervention techniques in order to activate the coachee’s self-motivation, personal resource orientation and willingness to perform. You can evaluate these intervention techniques in relation to specific problems in your business coaching and transfer them to various tasks in your coaching work. In the practical parts of the module, you will deal with the Competence Map and Target Coaching.

Business Coaching: Culture, identity and values 

You will get an overview of the basics on the topic of identity in developmental psychology and its significance in business coaching. You will learn methods of biographical work for identity formation (5 pillars of identity) and approaches for role clarification. Connections between identity and change in professional, intercultural and social contexts are discussed and transferred to work in international business coaching. You will learn how to plan change processes and how to accompany coachees on the path of change in a systematic and structured way.

Business Coaching: Leadership and Change Management

In module 9 you will deal with the role, task and responsibility of leadership. Further, you will discuss the relationship between leadership and business coaching. You will get to know a leadership model for accompanying executives (learning by doing on the model) and can integrate this into a leadership coaching. Further components of the module are modelling: Transactional and transformational leadership, role reflection: self and external image comparison using the RAFAEL method, the examination of change management using the 6 stages of change by means of practical exercises and the basics of organisational development.

Coaching of groups, examination and final colloquium

The focus of Module 10 is on group and team coaching, which you train using the theme-centred interaction according to Ruth Cohn. You will prepare for the European Business Coach examination and complete your training with the examination for certified European Business Coach.

Next dates:

Week 1: 02.-06.11.2020

Week 2: 14-18.12.2020

Week 3: 25-29.01.2021

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