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Digital HR Development with SYNLIFE

Digital HR Development maps the functions of HR development digitally.

It provides support for managers and employees in developing their personal knowledge and abilities through training, coaching and mentoring.

It delivers personal development plans to achieve goals, complete tasks and meet challenges.

SYNLIFE offers relief. The digital HR Development Platform is available for managers online at any time and anywhere. There, you can prepare for qualification activities, exchange ideas with other managers, solve tasks and follow-up on them and evaluate what you have experienced. Finally, SYNLIFE provides a complete overview of the success of HR Development.

We make use of the digital possibilities in order to keep digitally alive what you as leaders experience of the training and coaching during the analogue qualifying process. We encourage "staying on the ball" with regard to your own leadership challenges. In doing so, the motivation for dealing with the own tasks and goals is raised in a verifiable way. Using SYNLIFE, we have been integrating the digital world in the development of managers for a number of years now.

Large corporate groups from insurance and the car industry use the interlocking between analogue and digital experience in order to qualify their managers in a "hybrid" manner: electronically using energy saving means and analogue with the high use of energy locally.

"Sticking to it" is the most relevant factor for sustainability

With SYNLIFE, we pick up every participant in a training measure long before the face-to-face training phase begins. This facilitates an analysis of the participants needs and expectations and enables the closing of gaps between the individual training modules. The training content interlock with day-to-day business. -> SYNLIFE guarantees the sustainability of the whole qualification process.  

Using SYNLIFE, makes it possible to accompany all of the participants in a training program in their personal further development at any time and any place.

Frank Kübler

Gründer und Gesellschafter der SYNK GROUP

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Example of usage: SYNLIFE at ERGO GROUP

Nominated for the Digital Champions Award 2016

Your benefit

  • achieving the additional "boost" in the training

  • excellent quality: Award winner in the Land of the 365 Ideas Competition.

  • go the "extra mile" with the employee

  • "Sticking to it" in the process of change

  • Increasing the "briefing quota" from 30 % to 70 %

  • Participants work an addition  2.5 hours per month on your development topics 

  • Increasing commitment in the implementation of measures from 40 % to 60 %

  • 20 % increase in overall satisfaction

  • Increasing motivation

  • Cost reduction