• Talent wins over technique

Not just one more method

Sales needs passion - the customer the real, and in every respect, relevant contact. A combination that achieves so much more than just efficient organisation and techniques. Real sales talents need to be encouraged to authenticity. So that the sales-job becomes a philosophy of life that cannot be copied. Because, below the line, even for salesmen, the following is true: intrinsic motivation sales even better than extrinsic incentives.

If your focus is on behavior change then ask about our SYNK workout. With the coordinated use of seminar actors, we generate pure emotion with your sales staff. True sustainability is anchored.

The excellent sales person concentrates on the most effective leaver in the area of sales. Using strengths orientation, the true potentials in sales can be raised. Depending on individual strengths, the power in the sales process is "put on the road" even in different phases.

For these reasons, our approach to Sales Management lies in recognizing talents and developing strengths throughout the sales process. Our fundamental belief is: Talent defeats technique.

Along the sales pipeline, it is possible for your sales staff to gain points at different places. Staff with a talent in building up relationships are strongly integrated in finding new customers and customer retention. Those with a talent in the area of strategic thinking are excellent in finding new customer solutions. Those who are talents in dealing with details find it easy in the completion of contracts. And those who are talented in forming opinions can shine in enforcing your negotiating position.  

This is why an analysis of your sales processes using the strengths-oriented approach is an important competitive and success factor.  

SYNK consultation concept for excellent sales:

  1. We analyse your sales processes including benchmarking

  2. Together, we develop appropriate sales tools and performance indicators

  3. We will train individually for your sales with an orientation around talents, contacts and results

The SYNK 3A Method:

Accept: recognizing talents

Apply: play with talents

Accentuate: promoting talents

The SYNK-Effect for excellent sales

We will bring back real passion to your sales - and all that without extrinsic incentives.

Examples of projects

Training "Consulting Sales"

Advising and accompanying sales employees

Comments of customers

Who to contact

Udo Krauß

Managing partner of the SYNK GROUP GmbH & Co. KG

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Your benefit

  • Short intervals

  • Trainers with their own sales experience

  • Preparation and follow-up of the training elements through a timely integration of the managers in sales

  • Haptic and medial work: Sales "to get your hands on" or practical examples from the trade in video-demos

  • Over 4.000 enthusiastic participants

  • Modules can be organized on the basis of depth ranging from 2 hours of training to training activities that last a number of days

  • Sales coaching and/or online coaching to promote sustainability and Sales Camp with live contact to customers in training

  • SYNK workout with seminar actors

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