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Start with yourself

Leadership begins with the leader with essential questions:

„Why am I a manager?“  

„What drives me on every day?“

„What makes me distinctive?“

As long as managers do not have any clarity about themselves, they will also remain unclear about their employees. Such fuzziness leads to misunderstanding, unwanted side effects and hampers goal attainment. Professional self-reflection is one of the most important pre-requisites for successful leadership. Only on this basis is it possible to develop abilities and techniques in a sustainable way.

Leadership arises through one's own attitude and not through occupying a position. Much more important is how the position is filled. The "how" is determined by one's own attitude. Successful managers undergo self-scrutiny and reflection. Leadership means taking decisions and not just sitting it out. Leadership means endurance and not deviation.

This is why our approach to leadership development lies in raising consciousness of the potentials that are available and their professional development. Our fundamental belief is: „Attitude beats Position“.

The ideal leader is frequently described in theory but very rarely found in practice. More important than looking for the ideal person, is to discover leadership potential and to develop this in an efficient and effective manner.

For this reason, the further training and development of your leadership is an important competition and success factor. 


1. Strengths orientation and reflection

Knowing one's strengths, their development and targeted implementation are verifiable criteria that differentiate between average and successful leaders. Good leadership begins where leaders know their personal strengths in the same way as a skilled worker knows his or her tools and knows how to implement them just as skilfully and professionally.

We attach great importance to the identification of talents and the development of one's own strengths within the framework of self-reflection 

2. Accuracy and Sustainability

The company environment, with its specific expectations on managers, provides important guardrails for leadership. Management guidelines, management style, expectations of the next higher leadership level and employee expectations define the role of leadership. The more transparent these different expectations are, the better they can be fulfilled in a sustainable manner.

We create security of operations and can take company-specific characteristics into account through role clarity and transparency about existing expectations. 

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

Leadership becomes visible in the end through the behaviour of the managers. What behaviour is appropriate and expedient is dependent upon the situation and the employees involved. Successful leaders expand your behavioural repertoire in order to be able to operate flexibly and to remain authentic at all time.

We allow space for the own personality and give clear orientation for effective leadership through a differentiated, field-tested leadership model.

Examples of projects

Together with the BMW GROUP, the SYNK GROUP completed two company-wide, national and international, qualifications programs for BMW managers:

The New Leadership Program for junior managers and the Sustainable Leadership Program for experienced managers.

The development of the managers was completed in a number of modules at level 2 and 3 of the management. Components are excellence in leadership, qualification based on BMW Management House, SYNK FIT-Analysis, and support by BMW.Synlife.

"Throughout the time of our cooperation, we have learnt to know and appreciate the trainer and consultants of the SYNK Group as very professional, reliable, flexible and committed. No matter whether individual, team or department level - employee or manager - the implementation of activities is always marked by high quality, practical relevance and satisfaction amongst the participants.""

Devika Pohl, Director of Personnel Development, freenet Group

The SYNK GROUP developed the "ERGO Leadership-Triathlon" " to be the special leadership challenges in the ERGO Insurance Group. Since 2013, the "ERGO Leadership-Triathlon" aims at the practical implementation of the ERGO mission statement "Leadership" from 2011.

For the first time, all of the leaders throughout the company, including the Managing Board, , are participating in the qualifying process in various disciplines and transition zones. It views leadership in an integrated manner and interlocks the corporate image of leadership with reality.

The topic of leadership is given, in a way that did not previously exist, room for reflection, interdisciplinary exchange and joint training at all levels. 

In 2014, the ERGO Leadership-Triathlon was given 2nd place in the HR Excellence Awards.

SYNK Leadership Analysis

Find out more about your leadership competence with the SYNK Leadership Analysis

The SYNK Leadership Analysis will give you a precise review of your current leadership competence. You will receive impulses for an optimum of leadership behaviour that you can implement immediately.

We are very happy to exchange ideas with you. Talk to us.

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