• Sensitising wins over Regulations

Company Health Management is a matter for the boss

Health management as a company task. And one of all leaders. Those who continuously sensitize and carefully observe achieve far more that any superimposed, but rarely observed, set of rules. The right Health Management pays off quickly. However, those companies that are pioneers in this discipline never simply concentrate on "return of investment". But always also on "Return of satisfaction".

The goal of health management is to create working conditions that meet health needs and are personality enhancing and which increase work satisfaction. From an economic point of view, the measures primarily serve to increase performance and the health rate.

Orientation around weaknesses will, in the long run, cause illness. Every day, real performers do what gives them satisfaction. The best remedy against fatigue is sometimes not resting but doing something wholeheartedly.

For these reasons, our approach to health management lies in a systemic view and in seeing company health management as a leadership task. Our fundamental belief is: Awareness wins over regulations.

Successfully implemented company health management is worthwhile. Studies made by the health insurance companies demonstrate that health management measures that are strategically anchored and efficiently implemented can reduce sickness costs by up to 6 EUR for every 1 EUR invested. Costs of absenteeism can be reduced by up to 10 EUR for every 1 EUR invested.

All of the success factors of a company health management that is holistic and highly effective are taken into consideration in the SYNK model. The performance and commitment of the employees is assisted by accurate processes, employee-centred effective offers and leadership behaviour that promotes health. In the long-term, the employee commitment will increase and company success will be assured. 

A holistic viewpoint and a comprehensive company health management process are important competition and success factors.  

SYNK consulting concept for successful health management

  1. SYNK company health management self-assessment: status quo, identification of fields to be developed

  2. Detailed analysis of success factors and cost / benefit analysis of already existing measures

  3. Concept: Development of a strategic plan of activities and a company health management scorecard, planning effective measures e.g. in the areas: management, employee involvement and health promotion.

  4. Implementation and securing transfer with SYNLIFE

  5. Evaluating and optimising the KPIs

The SYNK-Effect

Reduce costs with higher performance and increase company value. 

Examples of projects

Strategic health management: Defining goals and positioning core messages for a health culture that applies to all areas and locations; carrying out surveys and evaluations.

Life-phases consultation: best age and young families

Comments of customers

Who to contact?

Dr. Jörg Krauter

Director SYNK Business School Managing Partner SYNK GROUP

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Your advantage

  • SYNK Health Management for Companies is organized as a phase concept and consists of a number of independent modules. This conception is in order to be able to meet the conditions in an optimal way

  • The phase concept guarantees a quality oriented implementation of the SYNK Health Management in the company from the explanation to the evaluation

  • These individual modules can be implemented as required and in accordance with the budget

  • Accompanying the process and evaluation with SYNLIFE 



Coachingorientierte Führungskraft vs. Führungskraft als Coach

SYNK FiT Analysis

Are you still keen?

The SYNK Fit analysis provides the leadership and employees with an overview of their individual performance and commitment. Together with psychologists and based on the criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO), various criteria that are relevant have been mapped.

3 Steps of the FIT analysis:

  1. Online self-assessment of the psycho-social health situation.

  2. On the basis of the evaluation, psychologists provide an expert opinion with recommendations for action.

  3. Telephone interview with experts to discuss the results.

Further information is available by downloading Initiates file downloadthe information brochure ""Fit Analysis""