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Diversity is not a project but a question of culture. The answer should be easy because diversity brings values and dignity with it. Diversity occurs in practice and can hardly be planned theoretically. But, it grows automatically when employees are invited to demonstrate it. Both internally and externally, colourful, active diversity becomes first of all self-evident before becoming an existential success factor. 

Use the individual diversity of your employees for the success of your company and convey appreciation in a positive way.

Strengths orientation is genuine diversity. It provides support for differences and promotes these through precise targeting and further development. 

For these reasons, our approach to Diversity Management lies in recognizing talents and developing strengths in the team. Our fundamental belief is:  Variety wins over the usual.

Recognize personalities in the team, show appreciation for the individuality of your department and maximize the contribution for your company. Develop your own Diversity Charta and experience the "turbo" that variety can produce.

Through the SYNK Diversity Model, you will make the individual variety of your employees transparent and you can use this potential fully. Specifically recognizing strengths and further developing them helps organisations to better adapt to dealing with the complexity of our age.  

This is why Diversity Management with the strengths-oriented approach is an important competitive and success factor.  

SYNK consultation concept for lived diversity

  1. We will define with you your "Charta of Variety"“ 

  2. We will find the individual talents and those in the team: Talent Management

  3. We promote a strengths-oriented development of human resources: Me in my job

  4. We promote a strengths-oriented organisation and culture development: Task Management

SYNK Diversity Model

The SYNK-Effect for lived diversity

Create a new culture of variety with the strengths-oriented team workshop.

Examples of projects

3 day moderation of the international leadership meeting with over 200 managers

Workshop: Intercultural Competence

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Dr. Jörg Krauter

Director SYNK Business School Managing Partner SYNK GROUP

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Your advantage

  • Together, we will develop a Diversity Strategy with the goal of anchoring this in your company and filling it with life. Diversity creates positive synergies. Your employees profit from each other through the different age groups, education, nationalities and experiences. In this way, diversity increases the efficiency of your company though making the optimal use of employee potential.

  • Diversity Management controls the use of these potentials through specific activities.

  • In addition, intercultural fields of conflict can be recognized at an early stage and dealt with in a constructive manner.

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