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Chances for Human Resources

"Digitalisation is driven much more by information that can be gained for the first time than by technology and how this information can assist in creating company values,"

is the prognosis of the HR-Management pioneer  Opens external link in new windowProf. Dave Ulrich in an interview with Jörg Krauter. 

Digitalisation offers immense opportunities for human resources to show what it is worth. It will produce more transparency and increase the necessity for HR to base its decisions on facts and evidence in the future. Rigid processes will make room for agile instruments. The individual culture of the company and the "human element" are the crucial issues.

How can your company benefit from these opportunities?



There is a solution

31,4% of all the companies in Germany plan to introduce digital HR, 18% of these will do so within the next 12 months. So far, only 21,8%  of companies in Germany are equipped with digital HR.

Develop a clear vision about your digital HR!
Find your own individual path
SYNK Digital HR Transformation 

At the moment, we are at the beginning of the digital age. Build your strategic bridge today and close any digital gap that might exist.

Defining the current position will provide data and facts for a successful strategy and is the basis for tailor-made measures.

Starting Point - Definition of your current position for your Digital HR Transformation

SYNK HR Transformation Survey:

Which point in the transformation process has your HR already reached?

Strategic workshop for a clear vision about your digital HR:

Planning your future digital HR. Involve all stakeholders in the Design Thinking Workshop.

Plan the implementation strategically:

Really implement your vision. Where to begin? And how?


Dr. Jörg Krauter

Director SYNK Business School Managing Partner SYNK GROUP

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Frank Kübler

Gründer und Gesellschafter der SYNK GROUP

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Your benefits

  • You will be able to successfully position your company with a HR concept in the area of Leadership and Development that is sustainable for the future.  

  • You will save the time and resources that you would otherwise need in the complex development of your own concept and are "ready to deliver" in a timely manner to meet the expectations of the C-suite.  

  • You will focus on the most important success factors and, in the process, are effective and efficient.  

  • You will establish a reliability culture for your digital HR transformation.  

  • You will make the value contribution of your HR for your company strategy and goals clearly visible, realizable and measurable - In doing so, you will strengthen its status.  

  • You will create a basis which will allow you to start implementation at short notice and, in doing so, quickly ensure visible success.  

  • Your approach is evidence-based and will create transparency, traceability and acceptance.  

Tailor-made measures for the implementation of your Digital HR Transformation

Focus on Results

Make the contribution of Human Resources visible. HR is not a cost centre but a creator of values. Establishing HR Analytics and evidence-based HRM combined with the continual evaluation and further development of personnel measures on the basis of company data are distinguishing success factors as well as your competitive advantage. 

Focus on Processes

Agile processes and instruments instead of approaches that are onerous and rigid. Processes have to be continuously adjusted to meet changing conditions and customer needs.

Real-time information and network intelligence for the basis for decision-making and personnel measures that are tailor-made.

Focus on Culture

What does a culture look like in which changes are viewed as a gift? Are trust and dependability enough? 

Focus on People

The employees are the ones that have to design the path to the digital HR world and cope with it.  Success factors on route are: readiness to embrace change, reflection, trust, communication and a clear vision.