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Digital HR Development with Leada

Leada: The app for executives

From now on we accompany learning content from coaching, training and qualification measures not only digitally but also mobile: with our App Leada.

Thanks to Leada, the training content arrives in everyday leadership. Because Leada gives via the smartphone both impulses for the daily tasks as a leader, as well as tips in difficult leadership situations and plenty of room for reflection.

The Leada Impulse accompanies users with topics such as "Boost Innovation", "Virtual Leadership" or "Participative Decision Making" as a recurrent theme throughout the week. They promote individual development opportunities with leadership challenges and provide direct feedback through team surveys.

The Leada Tips can be retrieved on an ad-hoc basis at any time: After a brief situation analysis, the user accesses the bundled experience of our certified SYNK coaches. The program is completed by continuous, structured self-reflection, to which Leada invites every morning and every evening. An overview of the collected data gets the user in the categories "My status" and "My week".

With Leada, we go a step further in the digital accompaniment of our qualification measures: Because for us, Working 4.0 means that a sustainable occupation with training modules is always and everywhere possible.

Leada also lends itself to the implementation of agile methods and has already been used successfully in large companies to support SCRUM processes and to support SCRUM Sprints. Workshops in the area of ​​Design Thinking complete our portfolio. Digital HR Development digitally maps the functions of HR Development:

It helps executives and employees to develop their personal knowledge and skills through training, coaching and mentoring. Provides personal development plans to meet goals, tasks and challenges.

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Gründer und Gesellschafter der SYNK GROUP

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Your benefit with LEADA

  • achieving the additional "boost" in the training

  • excellent quality: Award winner in the Land of the 365 Ideas Competition.

  • go the "extra mile" with the employee

  • "Sticking to it" in the process of change

  • Increasing the "briefing quota" from 30 % to 70 %

  • Participants work an addition  2.5 hours per month on your development topics 

  • Increasing commitment in the implementation of measures from 40 % to 60 %

  • 20 % increase in overall satisfaction

  • Increasing motivation

  • Cost reduction