• How digital is
      your HR-Management?

  • Leadership 4.0 with Leada -  
    the first really intelligent
    assistance and management system
    for leaders.

  • Diversity

     „Diversity -
    that is not a project
    but a question of culture.""

    Ulrike Möhler, Senior Manager of the SYNK GROUP

  • Leadership

     „Inspiring employees recognizing and
    promoting staff strengths are significant
    tasks in successful leadership."

    Torsten Jegminat, Managing Director of the SYNK GROUP 

  • Sales

     „Innovative strengths-oriented
    sales concepts
    are our passion."

    Udo Krauß, Managing Partner of the SYNK GROUP

    • Agile Management
      DOS and DON'TS

Philosophy & History

Since 2001, the SYNK GROUP has assisted DAX companies and mid-sized enterprises in leadership and development processes. We have already successfully qualified over 20,000 leaders and employees in national and international projects.

WE CHANGE LEADERSHIP - is our vision.

Methods & Processes

Our focus lies on strengths orientation. Recognizing talents and turning them into strengths: that creates motivation and leads to success.

We provide digital support for the SYNK leadership and development processes with Opens internal link in current windowSYNLIFE

Quality & Certification

We are the first company in Germany to develop the quality specification in the individual coaching area of expertise: the PAS 1029.

Our processes meet the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and are recognized and certified in 124 countries.

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Current publications

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