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We support you with remote trainings and workshops, e-learnings, podcasts and webinars. These formats can be used independent of location and time and enable you to provide support for your teams and managers - particularly in times of crisis.

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Available in 72 hors

Make sure you come out of the crisis with new strength! Restart Your Business lays the foundation for your future success. The four-week program is available at short notice, the price is up to you. Switch from survival mode to success mode now!

1. remote workshops, 3 x 90 minutes plus preparation
2. three weeks of sprints; supported by regular virtual meetings and digital status updates
3. long-term implementation through our app Leada (see below)

Five Reasons for Restart Your Business:

– RESTART YOUR BUSINESS makes you able to act and innovate in a short time

– RESTART YOUR BUSINESS adapts optimally to your specific situation

– RESTART YOUR BUSINESS identifies new business opportunities

– RESTART YOUR BUSINESS makes your team fit for agile work

– RESTART YOUR BUSINESS has no fixed price – you decide what the program is worth to you!

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Available in 24 hours

Benefit from the experience of SYNK coaches! We are always available for remote consultations. During a one-hour coaching session we analyse your given topic, identify different options for action and make an informed, good decision. Our experienced coaches will guide you reliably through this process.

Five Reasons for Tele-Coachings:

– TELE-COACHINGS guarantee fast and individual support

– TELE-COACHINGS mean no great effort and can also be arranged at short notice

– TELE-COACHINGS can basically deal with all topics – all SYNK coaches are at your disposal

– TELE-COACHINGS can be documented in writing by our employees to facilitate your further work

– TELE-COACHINGS are also available as contingents for companies

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Coaching on Demand

Available in 24 hours

Our award-winning app Leada brings sustainable qualification into your company’s everyday life: While the individual user continues to educate himself or herself in a self-determined way, the company receives a reliable real-time overview of the wishes and needs of its workforce.

Five Reasons for Leada:

– LEADA brings individual programs into the everyday life of your employees

– LEADA adapts individually to your employees

– LEADA supports the development of routines and the pursuit of goals

– LEADA contains reflection tools for health, motivation and performance

– LEADA is efficient – a few minutes a day are enough!

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Available in 1-2 weeks

Our remote trainings offer you a comprehensive alternative to on-site trainings. Through the innovative use of various formats, we are able to digitally implement even complex training plans. Content and technical requirements are optimally adapted to your needs.

Five Reasons for Remote Trainings:

– VIRTUAL TRAININGS offer a fully-fledged alternative to on-site events

– VIRTUAL TRAININGS are varied, multimedia and interactive

– VIRTUAL TRAININGS are designed and carried out by experienced SYNK coaches

– VIRTUAL TRAININGS are cost and time efficient

– VIRTUAL TRAININGS are developed in terms of content and technology according to your requirements

Our approach for remote trainings:

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Availble in 24 hours

Webinars are comprehensive real-time workshops – that you can attend from home. Our trainers introduce a given topic in 60 to 90 minutes. All webinars contain interactive units. Our trainers ensure that you receive concrete recommendations for your specific situation.

Five Reasons for Live-Webinars:

– WEBINARS enable digital learning in real-time.

– WEBINARS are available for all SYNK standards

– WEBINARS can be adapted to your specific needs

– WEBINARS enable cost-efficient training and further education

– WEBINARS are available for PC and MAC as well as iPhone and Android devices

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Availble in 1 week

Our e-learnings provide you with the essential: In clearly structured courses SYNK experts bring you up to date on a given topic. Our courses are always multimedia-based and non-linear: You alone decide how to work through a particular program.

Five Reasons for E-Learnings:

– E-LEARNINGS bring you quickly and reliably up to date on a topic

– E-LEARNINGS are developed and regularly updated by experienced SYNK experts

– E-LEARNINGS are interactive, non-linear and multimedia-based by default

– E-LEARNINGS can be purchased “off the shelf” as well as individually produced

– E-LEARNINGS are available on all common end devices (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone)

Have a look for yourself:

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Available in 24 hours

With the help of the SYNK Leadership Analysis you determine your status quo in Transactional/Transformational Leadership and identify any development needs. The leadership analysis is particularly suitable for clarifying the current status at the beginning of a support and/or qualification.

Five Reasons for the Leadership Analysis:

– The LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS provides you with quick orientation

– The LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS helps you to identify development potential

– The LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS creates a basis for your career planning

– The LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS is detailed and scientifically sound

– The LEADERSHIP-ANALSIS is suitable as a basis for coaching and further training

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Available in 24 hours

The SYNK-Fit analysis gives managers and employees an overview of their individual performance and willingness to perform. In cooperation with psychologists and based on the criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO), various parameters are determined for this purpose.

Five Reasons for the Fit Analysis:

– The FIT ANALYSIS helps you to reflect on your individual performance level

– The FIT-ANALYSIS starts with a simple online self-assessment of your psychosocial health

– The FIT ANALYSIS is evaluated by experienced psychologists. Participants receive individual recommendations for action

– The FIT-ANALYSIS leads to an evaluation call with explanation of the results and recommendations for further action

– The FIT-ANALSIS can easily be connected to existing LEADA programs (see above)

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The SYNK decision maker guides you through a complicated decision making process. The decision maker combines current findings from neuroscience with proven problem-solving methods. It will not take the decision away from you – but it helps you to make an informed and carefully considered decision with a good feeling.

Five Reasons for the Decision Maker:

– The DECISIONMAKER supports you in complicated decision making

– The DECISIONMAKER is intuitive to use and leaves plenty of room for your own considerations

– The DECISIONMAKER provides you with a sound decision model

– The DECISIONMAKER ensures that you can make complicated decisions quickly and safely

– The DECISION MAKER makes you fit for complex decision-making in a professional and private context

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In our podcast Every Day Counts, Angelina Ruthmann and Christophe Braun explore the new working world. The hosts talk with their guests about various topics related to work and self-development.

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