Networks before hierarchies

"We have to completely rethink people and networks."

Christine Ait-Mokhtar

Senior Manager
In times of permanent change, hierarchies and structures lose their importance. They are replaced by agile networks and dynamic roles. Cooperation is becoming a key success factor and has to be actively designed. With our team support, strengths, roles, responsibilities and potential are discovered and networked - a reliable boost for a team performance.
  • From positions to roles
  • From job descriptions to job crafting
  • From Silos to dynamic networks
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Thank you SYNK GROUP for the professional support of our agile leadership development. Due to the strengths orientation, our collaboration across all corporate units of NOZ MHN Medien will reach the next level.

Dagmar Lanoue

Overall management personnel, NOZ-MHN Medien
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Every Day Counts #057: Integrität - mit Dr. Viktor Lau

Gefälschte Doktortitel, geschönte Bilanzen, gekaufte Berichterstattung - Korruption hat viele Facetten und ist weitverbreitet. Ihr gegenüber steht die persönliche Integrität: Wer integer ist, der oder die hält sich an ein unverrückbares Werte-Fundament. Aber wie erkennt man integre Menschen? Dr. Viktor Lau, Experte für Personalrecruitment bei der SYNK GROUP, gibt Auskunft.