Leada FAQ

What is Leada?

Leada is the app for professional qualification in everyday life. Leada supports you in learning and using new skills.

Who is Leada for?

Leada is aimed at everyone who wants to develop professional skills in everyday life. Individual users can download the app anytime. Companies can develop their own programs for their employees.

How does Leada work?

Leada accompanies the user through the day. Depending on the time of day and situation, the app makes different offers. It is up to the user which offers he accepts or not. The offers include impulses, reflections and tips.

Okay, but shouldn’t we be able to solve our problems ourselves?

Sure – nothing will change that. Leada does not solve problems, but supports the user to solve problems.

How time-consuming is Leada?

On average it takes three to five minutes to process a Leada impulse. Since Leada is available anywhere and anytime, editing is not a problem.

What do users say about Leada?

Leada gains new users and customers every day. Especially in companies where a high level of self-management is required, the app is very well received.

Does Leada make HR superfluous?

No. Leada does not replace manpower, but supports the initiatives of HR experts.

Does Leada monitor its users?

No. The information that individual users enter is only accessible to them personally. HR managers of a company receive anonymous group evaluations on request (if there are at least five members). Leada also offers the possibility to quickly and easily conduct surveys in specific groups. These surveys are also anonymous.

What happens with user data?

Leada is completely DSGVO compliant. The user data is stored on German servers and is evaluated exclusively for the communicated purposes.

How will Leada develop further?

We want to make Leada the best and simplest solution for the sustainable development and qualification of people in their daily work.

Has Leada received prizes and awards?

Yes, quite a lot! Most recently we were shortlisted for the HR Excellence Award 2019 (Group/Executive Development, together with Lufthansa Group). In 2019 we also received the German Excellence Award.

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