Strengths Coach

Only those who discover and develop their strengths and talents can develop their full potential. At work and in private life, in everyday life and on adventures. Those who are also able to develop the strengths and talents of their fellows can set an example of real, sustainable leadership.

David Liebnau

As a strength coach, you learn to recognise, appreciate and effectively develop the individual potential of a person in a professional context. Learn how to use the methods and instruments of strength-oriented psychology to increase the success and fulfilment of your employees and coachees!

SYNK Studie zum Thema: Stärken entwickeln - Effektivität in der Führung steigern finden Sie hier.

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This is how strength orientation works at our partner Union Invest

Next course: 15. – 17.06.2021

Your investment in training: 2.680,00 Euro

Certification as strength coach: 270,00 Euro

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USB setzt auf Spaghetti-Eis - mit Barbara Resch und Oksana Zeqiri

Die Union Investment Service Bank (USB) will noch kundenorientierter werden. Dafür hat sie einen anspruchsvollen Transformationsprozess gestartet - und in dem spielt Spaghetti-Eis eine nicht ganz unwesentliche Rolle. BARBARA RESCH ist Mitglied des Vorstands der Union Investment Service Bank. OKSANA ZEQIRI ist leitet den Kundenservice der Union Investment Service Bank.