Agile Power Day

Agility can be much more than a buzzword - if you understand it correctly: as a mindset, not a to-do list. On Agile Power Day, we work together with the participants to develop very practical solutions for your everyday challenges. The Agile Power Day does not offer blah-blah, but results!

Udo Krauß

In the digital age, agility is considered a key entrepreneurial competence: the ability to react quickly, flexibly and proactively to market events. During the Agile Power Day you will get to know the different dimensions of agile work – and apply them immediately. Unlock the full potential of your team!

Here’s what you will learn:

Agile Power Guide

The Agility Workbook

Project Reference

Media Partner

Thank you very much for the great workshop. It helped me personally, but it also helped us as a team, and brought us forward.

Linda Overbeck

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Every Day Counts #052: Nobody is ill-intended - mit Matthias Bühler

Was zeichnet erfolgreiche Teams aus - ihre Kompetenz, ihr Miteinander, ihr Fokus? Matthias Bühler setzt einen anderen Schwerpunkt: Empathie, sagt er, ist der entscheidende Faktor für erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit. In Every Day Counts #052 erklärt er, wie er als Führungskraft selbst empathisch wirkt. MATTHIAS BÜHLER ist MD Marketing & Internationalization bei METRO Markets GmbH.